Our Coffee Processing Methods

Washed Process

Once the cherries are hand picked by our team to achevie consistient in washed coffee for our roasters .We use 3 stage process to remove all the defective/ underdeveloped beans. Firstly we use the floatation method to remove underdeveloped beans, natural spring water is used to soak the cherries in a tank all the underdeveloped beans start to float on the top it gets removed.

Secondly the cherries are pulped in the wet mill we use mechanical inbuilt grader to remove all the small size beans and the unpupled coffee fruit. Finally all the mucliage are removed from the seed by de-mucliager machine and we float the seeds in the tank again to remove low denisty beans for our washed process coffee.

All the beans are dried on the raised bed for 25-30 days and every few hours seeds get turned over so it dries evenly. We use the moisture meter to monitor the loss and store the coffee when the moisutre reaches between 11 -13 %. We use different type of washed processing technique to achieve an ideal body, acidity and aftertaste for our customers.

Our Washed Offerings

Washed Coffee

Milk chocolate, hazelnut, maple syrup, smooth body with low acidity

48 Hour Washed Coffee

Bold body ,Nutty flavour , low acidity , Hint of spice and fruit notes

Wet Hull Process

Heavy and syrupy body, clean with earthy notes, herbal with savory spice

Natural Process

We sun dry the coffees in African style raised bed as it helps us to remove the excess water quickly and creates good air circulation for the coffee beans to dry evenly. Any defective or broken bean in the bed gets cleaned along the way. Every few hours coffee gets turned around by hand so all beans are exposed to the sun evenly. Part of the quality control we monitor the moisture loss every day with the help of the moisture meter and record all the data’s so we can maintain the consistency of every lot produced.

For naturals, honey, carbonic and anaerobic lots extra care is needed while drying in the bed. For the first 4 to 6 days coffees are dried in full sun and cherries are spread out evenly into thin layer so cherries dry evenly and the outer layer of the cherries are sealed properly. Coffees cherries are then moved into a part shade drying beds to slow the drying process for 20-25 days depending the process.

Once the beans reaches between 10-13 % moisture we store the beans into a purpose build storage space where the humidity and temperature are monitored daily. All the lots processed are stored separately with the name tag where we record all the necessary information like when it was picked, drying conditions, lot size and processing information.

Our Natural Offerings

Natural 48 Hour Coffee

Winey notes, rich cherry note of blackcurrent, blueberreis and caramel

Natural 72 Hour Coffee

Sweet strawberries and coffee blossom, sparkling acidity fruit bomb

Red fruit Natural

Tropical fruit notes,sweet ,juicy high acidity and delicate cup.

Champagne Naturals

Boozy, rum & raisin, cadbury chocolate, dried red currants with a dry spice aroma

Honey Dip Natural

Bold body, Winey, tropical, Mulled spices.

Fruity Naturals

Super sweet strawberry & Chocolate liquor, bright stone fruit acidity with medium body.

Aroma Natural

fruity, bright sweet lemon citrus acidity upfront, milk chocolate flavour.

Our Natural Fruit Offerings

Papaya Process

Sweet juciy, cherry, chocolate liquor, complex and good depth of flavour with mild spice finis

Watermelon Process

Rich complex red wine aroma, Blood Plum, Dried Raisins, Blackcurrants & subtle lingering melon aftertaste

Pineapple Process

Bright tropical lingering sweetness, medium acidity, honeydew, lime citrus with a Medium to heavy buttery body

Honey Process

We do the honey process in the middle of the harvest season in smaller quantity lots . We choose the cherries when they have most amount of mucilage in the fruit. Once the cherries are pulped we remove 30% of the mucilage from the bean using the mechanical de-mucilager. We drain the excess water from the parchment and dry them in the raised beds. We have different recipes in each honey process to achieve desired results for our roasters.

Our Honey Process Offerings

Yellow Honey Process

Sweet cup, juicy body, soft honey and caramel flavour

Wild Honey Infused Coffee

Sweet lemon zest, rich chocolate truffle, dark molasses lingering aftertaste

Carbonic Macerations

Once the ripe cherries are hand sorted and cleaned, it is processed in no oxygen environment for the number of days where the fermentation happens slowly this process is complex and delicate. It took us 2 years of research with wine industry to get the tasting we wanted. We usually process Gesha and SL9 variety for this process.

By creating new techniques and methods in processing to create complex and delicate flavour which has never been achieved in the industry is the challenge but this challenge give us a opportunity to think outside the box while processing these carbonic lots. These 10 lots of carbonic maceration are processed with care and to create unique experience for customers around the world. 

Our Carbonic Maceration Offerings

Carbonic Maceration

Stewed strawberries,intense fruit flavour , lactic , complex but sweet cup

Aneraboic Fermenation

Coming soon