Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, for both natural and washed coffee we remove all the beans which are below size C (screen size 14) and we use colour sorter/density separator to remove the defective beans. For extra care we hand sorted all our Natural process coffee before we bag.

The moisture will be between 10-13 % for all the green before shipment.

Yes please check the cupping notes in the coffee processing page. We do our best to provide the actual cupping notes of the past year crops but it might chance a bit as coffee is an agricultural product.

Yes to a extent. We work hard on the bring out the best flavour by processing the coffee differently with strict produce even though coffee cherries are an agriculture product and coffee tree produce the cherries based on the climate, temperate and rainfall that’s nature!

Washed coffee in 60kg and naturals/honey/carbonic/ anaerobic coffees in both 60kg /30kg

Yes, we send samples of 300grams green beans for free. If you need more than 300 grams samples we will ask you to pay a small cost.

Yes you can visit our farm during the harvest season November – Janurary. If you are coffee roaster/green trader / exciting customers. Please send us an email we can discuss further.

No! We love your support and we hope you enjoy our coffee each year.

For local roasters in India prepayment is required before shipment of the coffee. FOB for all our interrelation buyers.

Yes you can. Most of our customer pre order the coffees they need every year between August -October before the harvest starts. It help us to plan in advance and produce the best tasting coffee for your company. For all our naturals/honey/carbonic maceration process we need the pre order as we don’t over produce and have them in stock later in the harvest.If you need samples please get in touch with us .

What information will I get We provide information about the farm details, photos of the farm and some information of the coffee process.

(march 2nd week – June) Usually our harvest start from november – feburary. We usually ship the coffee between 2 weeks of march until June.

No we don’t roast for direct consumers . We can send you list of roasters around the world who are selling our coffee.

Yes we do! Please see the processing page.