Let's work together

We have an unique approach with our customers

Let's get you the right profile

We understand every roaster are unique and would like to represent there products to the market differently at Riverdale we understand this clearly and have a customise approach , we have worked hard for the last 5 years to understand how processing can alter the flavour profile of the coffee. 

Depending on the profile your are looking for, we build a unique process to suits your needs in washed, naturals, honey, anaerobic fermentation & carbonic maceration.

How do we do it?

At first we do smaller experiment quantity of 500g – 1kg Secondly we cup all the coffee at the farm and we invite our customer to cup the coffees with us in the farm or we send them out. Once the roaster/trader is happy with the tasting notes we replicate the process into larger lots. Please note these process take time and man power to achieve so we have minimum order quantity for local roaster and international roasters . Send us an email we will discuss with you further about what we can do to achieve your goal.

“We have been working with Prakash and Mohan for about three years and have found them amazing to work with on a professional and personal level. They have a passion for coffee and people, which goes hand in hand with our business ethos. Riverdale is producing an exceptional level of coffee quality and using undertaking farming practices that are inline with the top speciality farms in the world. The future is bright at Riverdale!”

Chris from Josie coffee, Australia


Marketing ideas

We support roaster with marketing our coffee by printing jute bags with your company logo to give you an edge in the marketplace and showcase direct trade relationship with our farm.

We strive to build strong business relationship with our roaster friends and ask for review, tasting notes, anything we can improve next year to make the coffees even better. We support roaster via social media platform and help them attract new customers.

Pre ordering the coffee

If you have tasted our coffee or worked with us before . Usually we ask our customers to pre order the coffee by August-October and discuss about the quantity and the delivery time. We usually ship our coffees between March- May every year. If you have any special request on the delivery time send us an email . We produce limited quantity of the naturals, fruit series ,anaerobic fermentation and carbonic maceration lots so roaster/trader can reserve the coffees in advance and have a plan in place. If you would like to buy some samples get in touch with us via email.

International Roasters

All our coffees are graded and packed in 60 kg/30 kg  jute bags with grain shield liners to protect the moisture content. We use colour sorter and density separator to clean any defective beans, we hand sort our naturals, fruit series, anaerobic fermentation and carbonic maceration lots.

We ship our coffee via tuticorin port in South India, we work with coffee trader around the world if you have question about how to get the coffees to your roastery our expert logistic team is ready to help you. If you have specific trader or logistic company you would like to use or have your own import team we can work with them too. 


For roasters in India

We use local transport team to organise the best and fastest way to send the coffees to you . We will discuss about the transportation once the coffees are purchased/ paid by the roaster .